The planned development of St. Mary's Park, Castleblayney

Shortly after Joe Pat Prunty completed the expansion and upgrading of the main pitch at St. Mary’s Park almost twenty years ago, the Faughs Committee realised that the one field which had served the club well for over 50 years was not sufficient to cater for the ever-growing number of players and teams into the future.

Monaghan Co. Council, who owned the land adjacent to St. Mary’s Park, was approached with a view to acquiring enough land to develop a second playing field. In 2019 over €100,000 was raised to purchase the 7 acres required to begin the next phase of the development of St. Mary’s Park which the club needed to ensure its continued expansion.

It is hoped that this stage of the upgrading of St Marys Park will be completed in 5 phases:

Phase 1 - 2020 (complete)

  • Purchase of land from Monaghan County Council
  • Erect temporary security fence
  • Remove old fence and trees on boundary
  • Clear topsoil
  • Begin excavation on hill

Phase 2 – 2021

  • Finish excavation and grading of grounds including extension of former Juvenile pitch
  • Continue with development of walking track, floodlight bases
  • Erect 1.2 metre high fence around new playing fields

Phase 3 – 2022

  • Begin construction of new Dressing rooms and Gym
  • Erect goalposts, ball-stop netting on new playing fields
  • Install floodlighting on new fields and on walking track around grounds
  • Complete boundary fencing and hedging

Phase 4 – 2023

  • Development of New Multipurpose Sports Complex in partnership with CMETB and Castleblayney College
  • Continued upgrading of Covered Stand, terracing and ancillary facilities at St Marys Park